Traumatic Brain Injuries and Recovery 

A traumatic brain injury is a type of acquired brain injury resulting from sudden trauma to the head which disrupts the normal function of the brain. A traumatic brain injury can have both short-term and long-term effects that can drastically alter an individual’s quality of life – either temporarily or permanently.  Traumatic brain injuries affect …

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Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is an intricate network of nerve fibers that receive signals from various parts throughout the body. There are 31 pairs within this system, and each one carries an important message to your brain or controls certain functions.  The spinal cord runs inside the vertebral column, and vertebral column protects the entire spinal …

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How Art Therapy Helps TBI

The creative process of making art enables traumatic brain injury survivors to support healing. The brain injured person remembers who they were before the accident. They had hopes and dreams before the injury and when those are taken away suddenly, a heightened feeling of failure and loss takes over. They have to grieve for the …

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Living With a Brain Injury During The Pandemic

NeuroPraxis, an outcome-oriented home, and community brain injury program hosted a webinar on Covid-19 and Brain Injury. Brain injury clinicians are now dealing with the neurological consequences of Covid-19 and the behavioral problems that follow. Covid-19 exacerbates the recovery process and attacks not just the respiratory system but also causes brain issues like strokes, hemorrhaging, …

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Telehealth and Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Telehealth or telemedicine means different things to different people, but in its broadest definition it is the “remote treatment or diagnosis of patients using telecommunications”. Telehealth is a blanket term that covers all medical care that is provided with the use of telecommunications technology. A simple example is a doctor conducting a consultation with a …

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